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Industry News

Questions and Answers on VAT reform in the EU

Posted: 4 October
European Commission - Fact Sheet

Questions and Answers on VAT reform in the EU

Brussels, 4 October 2017

Questions and Answers on VAT reform in the EU

Why does the EU's VAT system need reform?

The current VAT rules for cross-border trade between businesses in EU Member States date back to 1993, just after the creation of the Single Market. At the time, they were meant to be transitional. The rules do not take into account technological...

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UAE firms must prove VAT-compliance

Posted: 25 September

UAE logistics firms must prove VAT-compliance
by ASC Staff on Sep 25, 2017, www.arabiansupplychain.com

Companies operating in the UAE will need to prove their VAT compliance to tax officials, according to Girish Chand, director, MCA Chartered Accountants, who spoke at the VAT Talks conference in Dubai.

The sessions were held to discuss the impact of VAT on business operations, especially their supply chain, working capital, commercial operations...

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Headlines - The Register

Signal bugs, car hack antics, the Adobe flaw you may have missed, and much more

19 May - 09:29

EFF wins another privacy battle, ICE chips off AI spy plan

Roundup  Here's your guide to this week's infosec news beyond what we've already covered.…

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How Google's Smart Compose for Gmail works – and did it fake its robo-caller demo?

19 May - 01:08

Plus: Classifying frogs can be hopping mad

Roundup  Hello, here's our weekly AI roundup. We have more information on how Google's sentence prediction in Smart Compose for Gmail works, as well as some questions about its Duplex robo-caller system. Also, decision trees to classify the mating calls of frogs and toads to study climate change.…

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US Congress mulls extending copyright yet again – to 144 years

18 May - 20:58

Literally the 12th time corporate revenue put ahead of society and culture

The US Congress is looking to extend copyright on some sound recordings to a staggering 144 years – making it the twelfth time copyright rules have been extended since the 1970s.…

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Blood spilled from another US high school shooting has yet to dry – and video games are already being blamed

18 May - 20:44

Pundits quick to erect straw man

Comment  Once again, a mass murderer has opened fire at a school in America – this one is Santa Fe High School in Texas – and video games are already being blamed. Rather than, oh, say, gun control, or the lack thereof.…

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Facebook Android app caught seeking 'superuser' clearance

18 May - 20:26

And what reason would you have not to trust Facebook with your personal data?

Updated  Social networking site and market-leading data broker Facebook is once again taking heat for playing fast and loose with its access to personal information.…

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Domain name sellers rub ICANN's face in sticky mess of Europe's GDPR

18 May - 19:57

Seeing as you love moratoriums on following the rules so much, how 'bout we get one, too?

Internet domain-name sellers have turned the tables on global DNS overseer ICANN by using its own tactics against the hapless organization.…

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UK Supreme Court to probe British spy court's immunity from probing

18 May - 18:06

Privacy International gets another shot at shadowy Investigatory Powers Tribunal

Privacy International's years-long challenge against UK government hacking is headed to the nation's final court of appeal at the end of the year.…

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Did you even sweat, tho? Plaintiffs told to amend claims in Apple headphones suit

18 May - 15:51

But case will go ahead as judge rejects bid for dismissal

Apple has failed to get a class-action sueball over its allegedly "shoddy" headphones dismissed – but the plaintiffs have been told to amend their claims.…

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What's up with that ZX Spectrum reboot? Still no console

18 May - 15:19

Indiegogo debt collector deadline looms ever closer...

Flailing ZX Spectrum reboot firm Retro Computers Ltd has, once again, failed to meet yet another promised delivery deadline.…

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Look how modern we are! UK network Three to kill off 3G-only phones

18 May - 15:15

'An industry-leading approach'

The UK's first 3G network is to stop selling 3G-only devices, a move it says demonstrates how whizzy, modern and farsighted it is.…

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You're toxic, I'm slippin' under: SCL, Cambridge Analytica file for US bankruptcy

18 May - 14:45

Oops!... We did it again

The US branches of Cambridge Analytica and its parent firm SCL have filed for bankruptcy as execs inch closer to ridding themselves of the toxic brand.…

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HMRC opens consultation to crack down on off-payroll working in private sector

18 May - 13:50

UK Gov reckons it could lose up to £1.2bn due to IR35 non-compliance

The UK government has opened its long-awaited (and dreaded) consultation (PDF) on proposals to extend IR35 off-payroll working in the private sector, which could affect 2 million contractors.…

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Huawei Honor 10: At £399, plenty of bang for buck – it's a pity about the snaps

18 May - 13:08

Midmarket gamechanger let down by eccentric imaging

Review  Huawei is often accused of slavishly copying Apple a lot of the time – but that’s not entirely fair. Huawei can slavishly copy Samsung too.…

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UK Home Office hands Sopra Steria £91m digital visa contract

18 May - 12:34

French outsourcer to handle applications process

The Home Office has awarded Sopra Steria a £91m contract to develop a digital visa and immigration service in the UK.…

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Brit ISPs get their marker pens out: Speed advertising's about to change

18 May - 11:56

Oh dear, fewer than half of punters get what they paid for

ISPs are scrambling to tweak advertised broadband speeds as the great unwashed continue to receive services that are on average 51 per cent slower than they were led to expect, according to a Which? report.…

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Flamin' Nora! Brit firefighters tackle blazing fly-tipped boat

18 May - 11:26

Councillor urges action against rubbish hotspot

Boatnotes  The UK's battle with fly-tipped vessels reached new heights last night after a fishing boat was set ablaze in northern England.…

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TalkTalk ups the (dis)satisfaction ante as UK folk wake up to borked email

18 May - 10:41

New approach to dealing with complaints working wonders

TalkTalk's customers woke up this morning to find the UK broadband provider's email service was still fast asleep.…

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Want to know what an organisation is really like? Visit the restroom

18 May - 10:05

You can learn a lot about a biz from its bogs

Something for the Weekend, Sir?  I like to hang out in company toilets.…

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Open justice FTW! El Reg fought the law – and El Reg won

18 May - 09:36

Vulture goes to tribunal and gets the law changed

The Register has won a legal battle against Midlands-based reseller Aria Technology that will help open up tribunals across England and Wales to greater public scrutiny.…

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Eye in the sea skies: Insitu flies Scaneagle 3 UAV in first public demo

18 May - 09:06

Neat bit of kit, and all the UK needs now is the cash to (re)buy it

Pics  The Register was among the first news outlets to get a close-up look at Insitu's new Scaneagle 3 aerial surveillance drone during its first public demo at a naval test range in Spain.…

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Tech support made the news after bomb squad and police showed up to 'defuse' leaky UPS

18 May - 08:03

Do say: 'I need safe disposal advice'. Don't say 'These chemicals could blow!"

On-Call  By golly it’s Friday again! Which means a spot of R&R isn’t far off, once we get through On-Call, The Register’s weekly column recounting readers’ tales of terrible times in tech support.…

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NASA fix for Curiosity rovers's damaged drill: hitting it, repeatedly

18 May - 07:02

Robot arm to add 'percussive' force so we can drill, baby, drill

NASA's top engineers think they've figured out a way to get the Curiosity rover's drill back to work holing the rock faces of Mars.…

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Intel’s first 10nm CPU is a twin-core i3 destined for a mid-range Lenovo

18 May - 06:03

Wake us up when things get more interesting than a 2.2GHz 4MB cache laptop chip, please

Intel’s revealed the existence of a real, actual, coming-to-a-PC-near-you-real-soon-now, CPU built with a ten-nanometre manufacturing process.…

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Seriously, Cisco? Another hard-coded password? Sheesh

18 May - 04:57

In other nets news Qualcomm secures Wi-Fi, and mesh nets get a spec

Roundup  Earlier this year, The Register observed that the less-lame replacement for WPA2, WPA3, should start landing in user devices this year.…

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Former Facebook and Uber CSO hired by Cloudflare

18 May - 03:58

The glitches in your résumé might not be that worrying, people

When John Sullivan worked at Facebook, Aleksandr Kogan created the infamous personality quiz app that, unbeknown to The Social Network™, eventually funnelled data to Cambridge Analytica. And when Sullivan worked for Uber, he was fired for his part in paying off hackers to conceal a breach of 57 million users’ records.…

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New Dell theme song:
I just don’t know what to do with myself

18 May - 02:57

SEC filing says still no decision on float, VMware acqui-merge or other fiscal gymnastics

Dell still hasn’t decided what to do with itself, or VMware.…

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No root for you, or how to stop worrying and love AWS China

18 May - 02:01

Making resilient CICD pipelines requires careful planning

If you open an AWS account in China, you don't get a root account; instead, one of Amazon's Chinese operating partners, Sinnet or NWCD, has root access and creates an IAM admin user for you.…

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Get an eyeful of the stunning galaxies near us in ultraviolet light

18 May - 01:38

New pictures from LEGUS survey will help boffins understand how stars form

Astronomers have published the largest ultra-violet survey of the local universe, showcasing 50 active galaxies in high resolution using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.…

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LocationDumb: Phone tracker foul-up exposes world+dog to tracking

18 May - 01:03

Securus wasted its money: the data was just sitting there

Updated  The parade of bad privacy news this week has managed to get even worse, as one of the companies associated with the selling of phone locations for cash scandal was subject to a publicly exploitable bug.…

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Boffins bash out battery busting build for bonkers boost

17 May - 23:55

Patent sought for honeycomb design that could massively lengthy battery life

Laptop and phone batteries could last 100 times longer if boffins at the University of Missouri come good on a new honeycomb design that they say greatly reduces the amount of energy dissipated inside power packs.…

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China changes its mind on Bain's Toshiba chip takeover plans

17 May - 23:15

US financier will be allowed to acquire memory biz after all

The government of China will not stand in the way of the Toshiba Memory Corporation's sale to US investment house Bain Capital.…

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Astroboffins find most distant source of oxygen in the universe

17 May - 21:20

13 billion light years away, so no chance to have a huff

Astrophysicists have detected the most distant signal of oxygen yet, in a galaxy more than 13 billion light years away, when the universe was less than 4 per cent of its current age.…

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Last night's net neutrality episode had some good one-liners but a repetitive plot

17 May - 20:52

Upcoming 5G storyline could make The FCC a ratings killer

In a return to form following weeks of lagging ratings, government reality show The FCC returned to a familiar topic last night – net neutrality – and reaped the benefits.…

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Microsoft's Azure green-lit for use by US spies

17 May - 20:03

Government deal clears the way for a run at JEDI

Microsoft has rolled its tanks onto Amazon’s lawn thanks to a multi-million dollar deal to bring its Azure Government product into 17 US intelligence agencies.…

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Super Cali goes ballistic: mugshot site atrocious

17 May - 19:16

Beccara says extortion scheme immoral and felonious

The state of California has brought felony charges against the group behind a site that collected mugshots and police records, then charged those featured to take down the pictures.…

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Great Scott! Bitcoin to consume half a per cent of the world's electricity by end of year

17 May - 17:28

Marty McFly dangles extension lead as miners get busy

The energy required by the Bitcoin fad has been forecast to hit half a per cent of the world's entire electricity supply by the end of 2018.…

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1.5m Brits pay too much for mobile and crappy broadband – Ofcom

17 May - 16:58

Wake up, people!

Around 1.5 million Brits are spending more than necessary by continuing to pay the same monthly fee for mobile phones after their contracts have expired.…

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Map app chaps Waze add shout-at-sat-nav support for Ford cars

17 May - 16:29

You better reel in that unsolicited backseat driving

Shouting at your sat-nav may now result in something actually happening, whether or not you want it, thanks to Ford and navigation app Waze's inclusion of voice control.…

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Microsoft returns to Valley of Death? Cheap Surface threatens the hardware show

17 May - 16:05

No margin for error

Analysis  According to industry watchers, below the surface of Microsoft's Surface business it's not a happy picture.…

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Brit IT contractor wins appeal against HMRC to pay £26k in back taxes

17 May - 15:01

Universal credit consultant takes on taxman over IR35 law

A public sector IT contractor has won his appeal against Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs to pay £26,000 in back taxes under IR35 legislation.…

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Biometrics: Better than your mother's maiden name. Good luck changing your body if your info is stolen

17 May - 14:27

The eyes have it

Identity theft has hit record levels in the UK – the vast majority of incidents are online. The UK's largest cross-sector fraud sharing databases, Cifas recently logged 174,523 incidents finding eight out of 10 took place online.…

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Git push origin undo-my-last-disaster

17 May - 13:56

When it can be described, it can be automated

"I'm about to make a change that will probably wipe out all of our systems."…

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Three-hour outage renders Nest-equipped smart homes very dumb

17 May - 13:29

Poor users left manually fiddling with thermostats, fumbling locks

Google's Nest went TITSUP* early this morning, causing headaches for users who have equipped their home with the expensive smart devices.…

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I got 257 problems, and they're all open source: Report shines light on Wild West of software

17 May - 12:59

It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under

A report on open-source security management and licence compliance may make uncomfortable reading for those who maintain codebases that use the stuff.…

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Brit prosecutors fined £325k after losing unencrypted vids of police interviews

17 May - 12:30

CPS failed to protect data of victims of serious sex offences

The UK's Information Commissioner's Office has slapped a £325,000 fine on the Crown Prosecution Service for losing unencrypted recordings of highly sensitive police interviews.…

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OnePlus smartmobe brand modelled on 'a religion', founder admits

17 May - 12:02

Shenzhen cult gathers the faithful

As Chinese phone-maker OnePlus launched its latest phone, co-founder Carl Pei confessed that the company was inspired by cults.…

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It's true – it really is grim up north, thanks to Virgin Media. ISP fined for Carlisle cable chaos

17 May - 11:20

VM told to cough up £385k after rocking up and rocking Brit city

Virgin Media is facing a £385,000 fine after its cable expansion plans in the northwest of England wrought havoc on the streets of Carlisle.…

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Blighty's super-duper F-35B fighter jets are due to arrive in a few weeks

17 May - 10:49

Defence secretary compares them to... WW2 Lancasters. Just a sec there, Gav

Britain's first permanently based F-35B fighter jets are due to arrive in our green and pleasant land in June.…

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Capita cost-cutting on NHS England contract 'put patients at risk' – spending watchdog

17 May - 10:17

Outsourcing badboy staring at £3m compensation payout

A botched £330m seven-year NHS contract with Capita to outsource back-office support for 39,000 GPs, dentists and opticians was today savaged by the UK government's spending watchdog over its "potential to seriously harm patients".…

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Meet Asteroid, a drop-in Linux upgrade for your unloved smartwatch

17 May - 09:40

Hickory dickory Docker, the containers ran on the clock... er

Asteroid, a Linux-based open-source wearable OS, formally reached a big milestone this week, and it might give Tizen a run for Samsung's money.…

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